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Belt Conveyor Operation Regulation And Maintenance

China Xinxiang jinrui machinery factory certification
China Xinxiang jinrui machinery factory certification
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Belt Conveyor Operation Regulation And Maintenance
Latest company news about Belt Conveyor Operation Regulation And Maintenance

Safe operational rulers and reasonable maintenance should be made in according with site requirement.


1.Regular inspection of belt conveyor

  1.1 Belt conveyor should be operated in according to design requirement.

  1.2 Belt conveyors are not allowed to overload run.

  1.3 All safe alarming should be in good condition.

  1.4 Walkway of emergency switch should be free. The switch should be regular inspected to see whether they are in good condition.

  1.5 All transition load point should have enough light facilities.

  1.6 Fence should be provided under gravity type tensioning devices and the area where man easily access.


2.Operation precautions

  2.1 Operators should be in according to operation rulers.

  2.2 Adjustment of driving devices and all safety devices should be professional to carry out.

  2.3 The belt, idler and pulley should be not allowed man-cleaning during running of belt conveyor, the parts should be dismantled and replaced or lubricated.

  2.4 All safety guards are not allowed to touched freely.

  2.5 Operators should circuit to inspect to close observe belt conveyor running. Especially,temperature rise and noise of main motor and the brake working whether they are normal; contactstate of the brake and oil level, noise of gear unit and run off of belt should be noticed;

temperature rise and noise of all bearings and state of all transition loads point should be noticed;notice to see whether the hopper are blocked, working state of pulley, idler, belt cleaner, take-ups and control equipment.

  2.6 Operators should make good record if any abnormal. The belt conveyor should be stopped on emergency.


3.Regular inspection

  3.1 Periodic overall: Minor overall should be once every monthes besides ordinary maintenance Overhaul should be once half past year or once every year.

  3.2 Overhauling:

         Check wear condition of the belt, the damaged should be repaired.

         Lubricant of the gear unit should be refilled and replaced (as Instruction of the Gear Unit )

         The wear condition of brake shoe and brake wheel should be checked, wore-out parts should be replaced.

         The wear condition of pulley rubber cover should be checked. The damage area should be repaired.

         Check weld position of the pulley whether it has any crack, Measures should be taken to repair if any crack. Lubricant of bearing of the pulley should be replaced.

          Scraper of belt cleaner and rubber disc of idlers should be replaced if they are worn out.

          Check traveling of the take-ups and the safety guards, the failure should be replaced.

          Gear unit should be checked by and by, dismantle and wash gear unit and the wear out parts should be replaced.

         The worn-out rubber cover of pulleys should be replaced.

         Crack of Pulley drum which cannot be repaired should be replaced.

         Bearing housing and bearing should be checked and washed, they should be replaced if required.

         Deformed conveyor frame should be adjusted and cracks of weld seam should be restored based on the fact.

         The belt should be repaired and replaced based on the fact.

         Control equipment and the safety guards should be fully inspected. The damaged unit and the failure safety guards should be replaced.






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